Media, the information battle

Budget 2018-2020: 390 000 €

Given the democratic deficit, rise of populism and challenges of the ecological and social transition, journalists and the media have a fundamental role to play in injecting energy back into democracy and social commitment. Yet problems abound: false rumours, censorship and fake news threaten the independence of the press and the quality of information. Changes in who owns the media, characterised by the internationalisation of companies, concentration and financialization, and by the development of information technologies, have profoundly changed the nature of the information produced, the conditions of its production and the profile of its producers. 

To promote responsible journalism, the foundation supports the structuring of a network of independent media focusing on issues related to the ecological and social transition in Europe and in French-speaking countries around the world, as well as a platform on deontology and education in information and freedom of expression.

Programme : Responsibility & Ethics