Identity card

Ariadne is a European peer-to-peer network of more than 600 funders and philanthropists who support social change and human rights.

Ariadne helps those using private resources for public good achieve more together than they can alone by linking them to other funders and providing practical tools of support.

Ariadne provides to the community:

  • an open online portal and online documentary resources;

  • a database for members only;

  • theme-based communities and working groups;

  • onlinemapping including private data on more than 80 000 grants made across the world to support social change and protection of human rights;

  • analysis and other resources generated from those data;

  • videoconferences on specific subjects or themes of interest for the community;

  • a monthly newsletter presenting events, latest researches, and articles

  • regular meetings between members.

Ariadne is a project of Global Dialogue.


Ariadne was set up by a number of European funders because they felt that peer support could strengthen philanthropy, help funders to work more strategically, and encourage new donors to enter the field with maximum impact and to support societies that are more inclusive, fair, conscious of the planet boundaries.

Modes of action

  • networking of actors
  • expertise
  • meetings, exchanges, assemblies

Target audience

  • foundations, donors

Thematic areas

  • responsibility
  • migration
  • woman & gender
  • law and justice