Identity card

Founded in 2003, Traversées is inspired by the work of the Alliance for a Plural, Responsible and United World and the World Citizens Assembly (2001). It was built based on the idea that new relationships are needed between personal development and collective transformation. Since 2008, its project has focused on three main areas: 1. Participation in new emerging political and citizen spaces, from local to global; 2. Methodological support for transition initiatives in the field of education, sustainability and governance; 3. Communication at the service of popular and citizen action.

Following the Rio+20 Earth Summit in 2012, Traversées launched, a communication platform for transition networks and movements. It is articulated with the World Forum of Free Media and is part of a methodological “strengthening” of social movements, institutions, alliances and citizen networks.


  • Provide a web-based communication infrastructure, broadly acting as a nodal point of a global network for democratic, responsible and citizen communications.

  • Experiment with methodological actions at the interface between communication, governance, transition, territory and citizenship.

  • Produce analyses and proposals on Internet governance, collective action and network communication.

Modes of action

  • development of participatory tools and methods
  • mobilization, rally
  • meetings, exchanges, assemblies
  • research, analysis
  • training

Thematic areas

  • commons
  • information
  • tools & methods
  • governance
  • citizenship