Terre de Liens (TDL)

Identity card

Stop agricultural land from disappearing, help farmers looking for land to farm, and develop organic and small-scale farming. These are the commitments that rally Terre de Liens in 20 regions of France. Our initiative is based on an atypical associative and citizen dynamic: the public’s savings and donations are used to acquire agricultural land and recreate a link between farmers and citizens so that farms are preserved for generations. These lands are then rented to farmers who grow crops that encourage biodiversity and soil conservation.

Terre de Liens also informs the public and enters into partnerships with local decision-makers to create new territorial dynamics. Objective: get as many people as possible involved in the future of our rural areas and provide an opportunity to exercise our collective responsibility.

Terre de Liens is still a young movement, but it clearly corresponds to expectations in French society, as there are already 13,000 citizens involved, 200 farmers installed or being installed and 3000 hectares devoted to organic or small-scale farming.


– Continue to use agricultural lands for agriculture,

– Guarantee sustainable use of land and natural resources,

– Experiment with managing agricultural land as commons,

– Help farmers get started in organic or small-scale farming,

– Make agricultural lands everyone’s concern.

Modes of action

  • expertise
  • training
  • networking of actors
  • mobilization, rally
  • advocacy, lobbying, influence strategy
  • development of teaching material
  • diffusion of best pratices creation of labels
  • development of participatory tools and methods

Target audience

  • farmers, farmers’ unions
  • youth
  • organised civil society
  • citizens

Thematic areas

  • economy
  • education
  • environment
  • local territory management
  • Climate energy
  • responsibility
  • research and social innovation
  • commons
  • citizenship