European Days of Action Good Food Good Farming (GFGF)

Identity card

The Good Food Good Farming (GFGF) Campaign unites farmers, consumers and food producers demanding radical change in the food and farming system to exert pressure on the reform process of the EU’s Common Agricultural Policies (CAP) with the European Days of Action in October and November 2018.

The Good Food Good Farming Campaign is a network of several European NGOs that have decided to organize the European Days of Action in October 2018. The initiative is supported by the steering group of Friends of the Earth Europe, Slow Food Europe, ARC2020, European Coordination Via Campesina, Urgenci Network of Community Supported Agriculture, Bird Life, Act Alliance and Heinrich Böll Foundation (DE), Meine Landwirtschaft (DE) and Pour une autre PAC (FR).

The network itself has no legal status. The coordinator of Good Food Good Farming is based at the office of Meine Landwirtschaft/My agriculture in Berlin. My Agriculture is affiliated to the Deutscher Naturschutzring e.V. (DNR)/German Nature Conservation. DNR is an umbrella organization uniting 100 nature conservation and environmental organizations in Germany. It has a charitable status since May 1950.


The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union (CAP) has a huge impact on the farming system and food production in Europe and on a global scale. Many problems European farmers and consumers face today have been caused or emphasized by these policies focusing on economic growth, the industrialization of food production and the export of agricultural goods instead of social and environmental aspects.

These policies need to be changed! Instead of subsidizing industrial production with monocultures, factory farming, exploitation of workers, degradation of soil and destruction of the environment, the CAP should support a sustainable transition of Europe’s farming and food production.

The GFGF campaign demands a more participatory process of policy making that serves the interests of people, animals and the environment instead of big companies. We want a CAP that supports food sovereignty globally instead of exports of agricultural products harming other countries. We call for a CAP that promotes fair income and working conditions for the people producing our food. We want European food policies to protect our environment and climate, and to promote biodiversity and animal welfare.

Modes of action

  • networking of actors
  • mobilization, rally
  • advocacy, lobbying, influence strategy
  • media actions: pamphlet, opinion paper, campaign
  • legal and citizen watch, diffusion of information
  • meetings, exchanges, assemblies

Target audience

  • farmers, farmers’ unions
  • European institutions
  • European civil society

Thematic areas

  • agriculture and food
  • democracy
  • environment