Identity card

Solagro was born in 1981 in Toulouse stemming from the wish of farmers, researchers and professionals to favor the emergence and the development, in the fields of environment, energy, agriculture and forests, of practices and procedures contributing to an economical, solidarity-based and long-term management of natural resources. The strength of this avant-gardist vision, combined with the complementarity of points of view confronted during the entire evolution of the activity, constitutes the basis of solid expertise, that is in constant evolution.

Solagro has chosen the status of an associative company since 2009, thus conveying the two key directions of our positioning: commitment ethics and economic autonomy.


Solagro support local authorities for an ecological transition of their food and energy systems

Modes of action

  • training
  • case studies, models and simulations
  • expertise
  • research, analysis
  • advocacy, lobbying, influence strategy

Thematic areas

  • agriculture and food