Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE)

Identity card

Friends of the Earth Europe (FoEE) is the largest grassroots environmental network in Europe, uniting more than 30 national organisations with 1000s of local groups.

FoEE works on a broad range of pressing environmental and justice issues and has a long track record of building coalitions among civil society networks. It is a founder or leader of multiple networks on trade, climate, food, nature, plastics, transparency, corporate justice, regulation and more. FoEE has expertise in various ways of campaigning; expose problems, develop narratives and alternatives, raise awareness, advocate solutions, mobilise citizens.

FoEE IS the European arm of Friends of the Earth International which unites 75 national member organisations, some 5,000 local activist groups, and over two million supporters around the world.

FoEE seeks to increase public participation and democratic decision-making. Greater democracy is both an end in itself and is vital to the protection of the environment and the sound management of natural resources.