Identity card

Uniterre is a farmers’ organisation with some 1,000 members, including 700 to 800 farmers families. It was founded in 1951 as the « Union of Swiss Producers (UPS)". In 2001, it was renamed Uniterre to avoid confusion with other organizations.

It plays a central role in information and mobilization between the different levels, from the farms to the international level: Uniterre is a member of the European Coordination Via Campesina, of La Via Campesina International and the European Milk Board (EMB).

Uniterre seeks to develop a vast peasant and citizen movement around agricultural and food issues by defending a remunerative, diversified peasant agriculture that is close to the population. Uniterre strongly defends the concept of food sovereignty, which was put to the vote by the Suisse people through the Food Sovereignty Initiative on 23 September 2018. This vote was not won but it did raise the debate and advance the peasant cause in Switzerland. In Switzerland Uniterre brings a different perspective into the ongoing political and civic debate.

It organizes numerous professional or information advocacy actions within the peasant world and to broad circles of the population and does advocacy work towards institutions and politicians.


  • Restore courage and the desire to fight collectively

  • More lively campaigns, more contacts and exchanges between neighbours, colleagues, more links between consumers, actors and producers

  • Integrate Food Sovereignty into the Federal Constitution

  • Give back pride to the farmer, enhance the value of his profession both economically and in his place in society

  • Allow farmers to regain control over the sale of their products

  • To improve living together, to develop reflection and analysis for a society that respects the human being, that our children keep a critical spirit of our society tomorrow