SystExt - Systèmes extractifs et environnements

Identity card

SystExt was born in 2009 from the desire to bring the issue of mineral resources to the forefront of public debate and to allow its reappropriation by civil society and the general public. Its positioning is intermediate: without being opposed to all mining activities, the association denounces and fights against irresponsible practices in this sector.


In February 2018, SystExt renewed its associative project to set four long-term objectives:

  • Enable civil society to understand the characteristics of the mineral sectors and associated issues.

  • Promote and participate in an informed and transparent dialogue and co-decision making processes between the various actors in the mineral sector: operators, citizens, public authorities, the media, etc.

  • Support or carry out alternative, sustainable and environmentally friendly projects in the field of mineral sectors.

  • Encourage the critical understanding of professionals exposed to mining realities through information and training.

Modes of action

  • media actions: pamphlet, opinion paper, campaign
  • networking of actors
  • training

Thematic areas

  • environment
  • citizenship