Citizens For Europe gUG (CFE)

Identity card

Citizens For Europe (CFE), a Berlin based non-profit NGO and social business, promotes the development of a participatory and inclusive European Union. CFE focuses on issues of citizenship, diversity, migration and political participation at local level and across EU. Its transnational projects include online voting platforms, local street campaigns, international conferences, academic research, advocacy and publications as well as interactive workshops. CFE applies participatory approaches, non-formal education techniques and brings together a broad variety of private and public actors to develop creative and innovative solutions utilizing the collective intelligence of it’s network. In 2016 CFE hold a budget of 320.000 of which 20% was generated business income, in 2017 435.000€ of which 35% was business income.


  • support, strengthen and network civil society actors

  • change structures and processes within society and individual organisations to fight discrimination and racism

  • empower underprivilege groups to fully participate in society and claim their rights

  • introduce social business approaches to civil society scene as a mean for sustainability, impact-driven and target group tailored projects

  • develop and sustain an organizational structure within CFE that is fully inclusive and allow for individual development and the use of collective intelligence

Related programmes

Modes of action

  • expertise
  • training
  • networking of actors
  • mobilization, rally
  • advocacy, lobbying, influence strategy
  • media actions: pamphlet, opinion paper, campaign
  • documentaries, films, videos, animated films
  • books, reviews publishing
  • development of participatory tools and methods
  • development of teaching material
  • meetings, exchanges, assemblies
  • diffusion of best pratices creation of labels
  • case studies, models and simulations
  • research, analysis

Target audience

  • organised civil society
  • activists, campaigners
  • policy-makers
  • public authorities, elected representatives, administrations

Thematic areas

  • citizenship
  • education
  • woman & gender
  • migration
  • tools & methods
  • democracy
  • research and social innovation