Ripess-Europe : Réseau européen de promotion de l’économie sociale et solidaire

Identity card

RIPESS Europe is the European chapter of the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy (RIPESS-I) created in 2011.

RIPESS Europe brings together European regional, interregional, national or sectoral organizations of the social and solidarity economy. It favors inter-cooperation between its members rather than institutional representation. It is part of the social movement. This non-profit association under Luxembourg law operates in a network without a pyramidal decision-making structure.

From the beginning, the RIPESS Europe has established various collaborations with actors close to the solidarity economy in order to stimulate convergences for a better effectiveness of the action of each in the service of a common ambition  : a change of scale. The network involves actors working on transition, fair trade, ethical and solidarity finance, degrowth, commons, social movements …

In July 2014, an Advisory Council has been appointed including researchers from Catalonia, France, Portugal, Italy and Hungary to support the constitution of the historical and theoretical heritage of the network, and to make proposals to its decision-making body, the Executive Coordination, in the field of Solidarity Economy.

RIPESS Europe has integrated Ecosol into its activities as a complementary part of its program and is committed to giving greater visibility to the solidarity resource site ( . The purpose of the Ecosol part is to: - Promote, animate, manage and / or create any action relating to the socio-economy of solidarity, with a view to the collective creation of another development model; - Establish networks with initiatives and actors in the field linked to the socio-economy of solidarity and anchored in the respective territories, in France and abroad, so as to forge strategic and concrete alliances; - Promote intercultural exchanges through different means of promotion, information and communication; - Participate in the elaboration and dissemination of the theoretical bases of the socio-economy of solidarity.


The network aims to promote other modes of production, consumption, saving and sharing. The goal is in the end to construct more just economic relations and a more solidarity-based development.

RIPESS-Europe works on Territories and local development (crossing borders: exchange and learning field visit in Eastern and Southern Europe with P’Actes Européens); popular education in cooperation with universities: University network RIUESS; poolfunding of common project between members of the network. The network also promotes the exchange of information and work on cross-cutting themes such as food sovereignty.


Its objectives:

  • Making visible the networks, actors and experiences of solidarity economy (indoor and outdoor visibility).

  • Sharing experiences and good practices.

  • Developing and promoting economic cooperation between networks and actors of Solidarity Economy.

  • Constructing joint projects.

  • Developing a collective intelligence.

  • Building a common voice.

  • Expanding to Northern and East Europe to achieve a greater cultural and linguistic diversity.

Related programmes

Modes of action

  • advocacy, lobbying, influence strategy
  • networking of actors
  • meetings, exchanges, assemblies
  • training

Thematic areas

  • economy
  • information
  • research and social innovation
  • governance