Remix The Commons

Identity card

Remix the Commons is an intercultural space for sharing and co-creating multimedia documents on the commons. The project is supported by an intercultural collective composed of people and organisations who think gathering, exchanging and remixing narratives, definitions and images of collective resources is an active and engaging way in which to gain a good understanding of ‘the commons’ and make the concept familiar to all.


The objectives of the project are to:

– Encourage social and inter-cultural assimilation of theories and practices of the commons by creating and sharing multimedia documents.

– Develop an open and cooperative infrastructure for creating, promoting and documenting the commons.

– Contribute to the emergence of the commons movement by enhancing the ability of groups and communities to document their practices and develop their reflection on the commons.

Related programmes

Modes of action

  • networking of actors
  • documentaries, films, videos, animated films
  • meetings, exchanges, assemblies

Target audience

  • activists, campaigners
  • public authorities, elected representatives, administrations
  • communities, minorities
  • local authorities
  • organised civil society

Thematic areas

  • governance
  • tools & methods
  • citizenship
  • research and social innovation