Réseaux pour l’action collective transnationale (RE’ACT)

Identity card

The non-profit association known as ReAct (Réseaux pour l’action collective transnationale for ‘Transnational collective action network) was created in 2010 as the result of a widely shared analysis: social and environmental injustice persist primarily because the interests of big companies are given precedence over the best interests of the majority. ReAct hopes to help people affected by this abuse of power to organise into groups capable of defending the rights and best interests of all.

ReAct is based in France but has a network of organisations in Morocco, Cameroon, Liberia, Cote d’Ivoire and Cambodia. It supports the construction of local organisations and transnational alliances to express the demands of people affected by social and environmental injustice.

ReAct’s methods are built on Saul Alinsky’s historical heritage of community organizing, the union organising that Cesar Chavez developed within the National Farm Workers’ Association (NFWA), and Wade Rathke’s work at ACORN International.


ReAct has set itself the goal of supporting citizens and workers from across the world who organise to defend their economic and social rights in the face of corporate power.

ReAct hopes to strengthen existing unions by quickly, flexibly and personally connecting them with workers’ groups throughout the company.

Modes of action

  • training
  • networking of actors
  • media actions: pamphlet, opinion paper, campaign
  • development of teaching material
  • meetings, exchanges, assemblies

Target audience

  • activists, campaigners
  • associations
  • citizens
  • communities, minorities
  • policy-makers
  • general public
  • Poor and vulnerable people
  • trade unions
  • workers

Thematic areas

  • law and justice
  • citizenship
  • education
  • ethics
  • responsibility