Smart CSOs Lab

Carte d’identité

The Smart CSOs Lab is a think-tank, an innovation lab and a growing learning network of activists, funders and researchers rethinking and redesigning how to build effective civil society strategies for the Great Transition towards a new political-economic system. The Lab challenges current practice and thinking in civil society activism, and works to develop capacity in systems thinking, effective narratives, and other tools to enable their network to embrace the complexity of systemic change.

The purpose of the Smart CSOs Lab is to catalyse new civil society strategies aimed at the Great Transition to a new political-economic system. This is based on the assumption that issues like climate change, mass extinction of species, inequality and mass migration are strongly rooted in the failing economic system and its governance. Consequently, the Smart CSOs Lab is guided by the normative (albeit flexible) framework of the Great Transition. We interpret our work always as a search process to a new political-economic system at the root of many of today’s crises. We believe that it is important to put our focus on this task. It requires all our energy and has the potential to create enormous leverage.


  • To challenge current practice and thinking in civil society and activism.

  • To build leadership and create strategically important knowledge on how activism can more effectively influence social and political systems towards the Great Transition.

  • To connect a growing number of CSO leaders and activists internationally and help them to learn effectively about system change strategies for the Great Transition.

  • To support CSO leaders and activists to develop more effective strategies for the Great Transition.

  • To develop capacity in activists and organisations in systems thinking, effective framing and other tools to enable them to overcome current issue silos and symptoms focus, as well help them to embrace the complexity of systemic change in their strategies.

Programmes en lien

Modes d’action

  • production d’expertise
  • formation
  • mise en réseau d’acteurs
  • publication d’ouvrages, de revues
  • élaboration de matériel pédagogique
  • diffusion de bonnes pratiques, création de labels
  • rencontres, échanges, assemblées
  • recherche, analyse

Publics cibles

  • activistes, militants
  • associations
  • experts
  • fondations, bailleurs
  • société civile européenne

Thèmes de travail

  • éducation
  • économie
  • climat énergie
  • outils et méthodes
  • démocratie
  • citoyenneté
  • recherche et innovation sociale
  • culture
  • communs