Alliance internationale de journalistes (AIJ)

Identity card

The International Alliance of Journalists encourages exchanges of information and debate across the world, in view of developing joint intelligence and collective power to weigh on journalistic practices, the impact of which is now clear to all. The objective of this alliance of journalists, which is based on a convergence of professional and human values, is not to replace the existing dominant model with a single new model. Rather, the alliance hopes to guarantee the variety and diversity of responsible approaches with roots in various countries, cultures and media economies. This informal network is simply a ‘facilitator’ not intended to replace professional organisations. It has no mandate and no desire to represent journalists. It identifies concrete initiatives and theoretical developments, while also working toward a fair and equal information process that can be developed and transposed everywhere.

The approach is ongoing and the alliance is open to all who wish to become actors in the process.


The purpose of the association is to provide professionals in the field of information with a space in which those concerned about the quality of information can pool ideas, experience and concrete proposals for reforming journalistic practices. The ultimate goal is to contribute to indepth reflection on mindsets, and build journalism around the notion of ‘responsibility’.

For some years now the International Alliance of Journalists has been developing, a platform it created to unite actors in the field of education in information and freedom of expression.

The Alliance also hopes to further and support work on new practices in journalism and new means of transmitting the profession.

Modes of action

  • expertise
  • books, reviews publishing
  • training
  • networking of actors
  • advocacy, lobbying, influence strategy

Thematic areas

  • governance
  • education
  • information
  • ethics
  • responsibility