Identity card is an independent non‐profit organisation established in 1998 with the purpose of stimulating in-depth cross-border journalism in Europe. It ultimately serves the public interest, furthers accountability as well as transparency, and contributes to critical thinking and well-informed debate. coordinates and hosts an annual gathering of European investigative and data journalists, the European Investigative Journalism Conference – Dataharvest. At serves the European community of journalists interested in developing best practice in journalism.


Its overall objective is to promote and improve the profession in response to the challenges and opportunities stemming from internationalization, digitalization, and changing revenue models.

Modes of action

  • networking of actors
  • training
  • research, analysis
  • meetings, exchanges, assemblies

Target audience

  • medias, journalists
  • foundations, donors

Thematic areas

  • information
  • tools & methods
  • democracy
  • culture
  • responsibility