Identity card

Initially founded in May 2005 in Geneva and christened ‘Urbanistes Sans Frontières – international’, UrbaMonde addresses the problems of post-catastrophe reconstruction. From the outset, the NGO developed the ‘urbanitaire’ concept: urban planning applied to humanitarian situations. In the first 5 years of its existence, the association moved progressively away from its humanitarian focus to address risk prevention and improve the conditions of ‘city life’ for vulnerable populations through a transversal, territorial approach.

UrbaMonde now develops activities to support organised groups of inhabitants in both the north (inhabitants’ cooperatives in Switzerland and France) and the south (technical support organisations, inhabitants’ organisations and cooperatives in Latin America, Africa and Asia). The association also coordinates a global platform for the exchange of experiences and documentation to strengthen advocacy for the creation of mechanisms and frameworks (in the areas of finance, land ownership and technical support) to support the ‘Social Production of Habitat’ initiative. psh.urbamonde.org. FPH has supported this dimension of the association’s activity since 2015.


UrbaMonde believes inhabitants and end users of urban space should be at the centre of processes that produce the city, so UrbaMonde supports a city “by and for inhabitants”. In addition to the support we provide to habitat projects steered by local communities, our objective is to create and consolidate ‘public-civil partnerships’ for sustainable and more inclusive urban development.

Modes of action

  • networking of actors
  • advocacy, lobbying, influence strategy
  • meetings, exchanges, assemblies
  • diffusion of best pratices creation of labels
  • case studies, models and simulations

Thematic areas

  • local territory management
  • tools & methods
  • information
  • citizenship