Editions Charles Léopold Mayer (ECLM)

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Editions Charles Léopold Mayer (ECLM), the publishing house of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (FPH), provides editorial services for actors in the ecological, social and economic transition. ECLM publishes these authors’ works to help them develop, perfect and diffuse their arguments. ECLM now has more than 400 titles in its catalogue.

  • 4 publication themes:

  • transition to sustainable societies

  • legitimate governance and regional cooperation

  • ethics and actors’ responsibility

  • citizen information


Assist with the presentation and diffusion of analyses and proposals from alter-globalist organisations and the alter-globalisation movement. By assisting authors with the presentation of their proposals and ideas, implementing bookstore diffusion policies, promoting works in the press and on networks, making them available for free and referencing them on the internet, ECLM helps make books an influential tool.

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