Presentation of the Programme

The possibility of becoming involved, of expressing one’s opinion and participating in political decisions, as well as the existence of an independent legal system before which all individuals are equal are necessary for human dignity and constitute the foundation of democracy.

For the past two decades, however, urgent security concerns and the need to react quickly and remain competitive are used as excuses to weaken the rule of law, checks and balances, and the participation of citizens, to the benefit of an authoritarian idea of power.

In the face of this degradation, and in a context within which modes of engagement are changing, it is essential that we defend a democratic revival and even a deepening of our democracies. Democracy and the rule of law are vital elements of human progress.

Sub-Programmes and Partners Supported

1. Strengthening of Civil Society, Public Liberties and Democratic Checks and Balances

2. Information for Democracy

3. New Forms of Action: Legal Action, Civil Disobedience and Non-Violence

4. Whistleblower Protection

5. Democratic Participation and Mobilisation