For a humane, responsible and sustainable asylum and migration policy for Europe

Budget 2018-2020: 300 000 €

The migratory crisis—now also a political crisis—is a hot issue that provides fuel for contradictory pronouncements and reflections. European policies on migration and refugees influence national policies yet do not provide a satisfactory framework for their formulation. The provisions proposed by States do not represent a humane, sustainable response to the challenges of migration. Emergency aid is of course indispensable in dealing with ‘crisis’ situations, but migration is likely to be a lasting and massive phenomenon. We need to anticipate consequences and identify root causes, actors, and responses to migration, and to set up migratory policies—as well as development policies—to arrive at solutions that respect human rights and dignity.

FPH supports the advocacy of actors working for a humane, joint, responsible European migratory policy.

Programme: Governance & regional cooperation