Citizen information and training in transition

Budget 2018-2020: 690 000 €

Never before has humanity shared so much information. Yet abundance is not synonymous with quality, and knowledge does not always result in adequate action. Consider, for example, climate change: knowledge has not led to changes in individual and group behaviour. The challenge today is to select information, give it structure and use it to create dynamics and tools that instruct; information must be transformed into a story that unites us. This is one of the conditions for mobilising people around the systemic changes of the ecological and social transition and promoting concrete alternatives capable of changing scale and being embodied in public policies. Finally, what we need is for these alternatives to converge into a narrative that replaces the traditional conception of modernity—which is based on power and consumerism.

The foundation supports the pooling, structuring and diffusion of information and training produced by transition actors in the French-speaking world, to equip civil society organisations with the tools they need to reach citizens outside the circle of believers.

Programme: Methods and tools for diffusion in service of the transition