Develop and promote freeware

Budget 2018-2020: 620 000 €

Internet and the digital world in general have profoundly transformed our societies, the way we share knowledge, group mobilisation and social criticism. Internet pioneers had a vision far removed from what is happening today, as governments and major economic actors rush to commercialise, censor and monitor the web. Software and algorithms have acquired a certain power over our thoughts and behaviours, while internet users are often unaware of the goals sought by their creators. Digital data—that people give away for free—feeds into big data, which has become the cornerstone of a true economic model. Freeware, digital commons, copyleft and creative commons licences, which are based on the principles of transparency, participation and collective intelligence, provide means for retaining control over information.

The foundation helps promote freeware, greater dialogue between web experts and social organisations, and alternative digital policies.

Programme: Methods and tools for diffusion in service of the transition