How to be a responsible scientist in the XXIˢᵗ century?

Budget 2018-2020: 570 000 €

Like other public policies, policy on research is not immune to the effects of the neoconservative wave: scientific research has seen its role reduced to that of a servant working for economic growth. In the current crisis context, the question being asked is: “what type of research is useful to society?” Scientists also share responsibility for the crisis; some among them question the current system and are working to promote a new form of governance for research. Other ways of approaching scientific activity have thus arisen: participative research, responsible research, whistle-blowers, creation of participative systems for making policy choices, etc.

By supporting these emerging modes of action and organising actors in a network, the foundation encourages internal reflection amongst scientists in the hope it will make research more democratic in character.

Programme : Responsibility & Ethics