Land governance and the fight against land-grabbing in Europe and across the world

Budget 2018-2020: 500 000 €

Land-grabbing or hoarding of land and natural resources has become a large-scale process. In some cases, the goal is to expand industrial agriculture (for food or biofuels), in others it is to guarantee a country’s food supply, build large-scale infrastructures or exploit natural resources (mines, dams), create ‘natural spaces’ or--more cynically--speculate on land in the midst of a worldwide financial crisis. This land-grabbing affects and marginalises the poorest populations--indigenous peoples--and is responsible for damage to the environment and natural resources. Often an entire system of traditional law governing the management, use and occupation of land is destroyed. Social and ecological equilibriums are upset. In many cases, States are complicit in these processes, which are detrimental to their own populations.

The foundation supports civil society initiatives and movements that aim to make land a common good once again, that fight land-grabbing and invent new forms of governance for land and natural resources.

Programme : Transition to sustainable societies