Reform of socio-economic thinking

Budget 2018-2020: 670 000 €

Current economic policies are not only incapable of resolving numerous economic problems; they also often aggravate social and ecological problems. The economic order is ideologically based on a theoretical corpus, often referred to as ‘neoclassic’, which gives it a scientific aura in the eyes of the public and decision-makers. Multiple, never-anticipated crises have demonstrated the flaws—or even the complete vacuity—of this corpus. Clearly, the real economy does not operate according to neoclassical models; this casts serious doubt on policies based on such models. Yet the transition movement does not yet have a structured macroeconomic theory. Without such a foundation, it will be difficult for local initiatives to establish a system, and the current system will continue to perpetuate itself until chaos ensues.

In supporting a “reform of economic thinking”, the foundation hopes to contribute to the creation of a macroeconomic theory of the transition that is with and for its actors.

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