Governance and regional cooperation in the Andes

Budget 2018-2020: 270 000 €

For two decades, Latin America has been a governance laboratory, with alternatives to neo-liberal policies being implemented in several countries. These policies have stalled and the situation remains fragile. Violence is still endemic, inequality and corruption subsist, and conservatives are once again rising to power. With the future of regional integration processes in doubt, Latin America’s dream of achieving full autonomy has suffered a setback. In-country politics and world politics are closely entwined. Will Latin America be able to consolidate and deepen new forms of governance to meet the current challenges and guarantee its political autonomy? How is Latin America’s relationship with its ‘guardian’, the United States, likely to change? And what relationship will it have with new emerging world powers, particularly China?

In the Andes, the foundation strives to facilitate links between Latin American actors and their European counterparts on the issue of governance.

Programme: Governance & regional cooperation