For a democratic, participative and inclusive form of governance

Budget 2018-2020: 300 000 €

The neoconservative form of governance that was dominant for three decades has led to a dead-end. An increasing portion of the population feels further and further removed from decision-making. In addition, many important decisions seem to escape the control of democratic political institutions, leading to disenchantment or outright rejection. In this context, the recourse to violence, a lack of respect for international law, violations of human rights and intolerant or even fanatical ideologies have returned with a vengeance. Political issues are once again in the forefront. Under what regimes will we live in future?

Working in French-speaking areas but focusing on levels from the local to the global, FRP backs reflection and the formulation of proposals on governance that can provide a response to the political crisis currently sweeping the globe.

Programme: Governance & regional cooperation