Identity card

Created in 2013, BASIC conducts studies on the models of production and consumption, their social and environmental impacts, and the hidden societal costs related to these impacts.

Since the 1st January 2017, BASIC is a cooperative social company (SCIC – société cooperative d’intérêt collectif) which members are organized in 3 overall groups:

  • employees and regular contributors

  • partners and beneficiaries (civil society organisations, medias and journalists, academics, clients, local public authorities and institutions)

  • supporters

Through to this structuring, BASIC positions itself as a collective tool BY and FOR its different members and stakeholders. To date, the cooperative has 27 members, including 5 employees.


Through its many activities, Basic aims to identify unsustainable models and shed light upon existing alternatives, in order to support better informed choices for individuals and organisations.

The activities :

  • Improve accessibility, transparency and understanding of information on the main social and environmental issues related to modes of production and consumption

  • Strengthen the expertise of civil society organisations and public decision-makers on value chains and societal costs

  • Develop an innovative research framework to analyse value chains and societal costs and their links with the socio-economic context at the local and national levels.

  • …while conducting complementary activities related to the projects (creating web videos and infographics, developing databases and IT tools…)

Modes of action

  • expertise
  • training
  • development of teaching material
  • case studies, models and simulations
  • documentaries, films, videos, animated films

Target audience

  • NGO
  • politicians, political parties
  • academics
  • students
  • medias, journalists
  • citizens

Thematic areas

  • governance
  • economy
  • agriculture and food
  • Climate energy
  • information