Artisans de la Transition

Identity card

Artisans de la Transition was created in March 2016 to work toward an ecological transition. Its first goals are the abandonment of fossil fuels, energy conservation and the use of renewable energy sources, in view of building a post-carbon economy that will in turn act as a springboard for a post-growth economy.

The goal of Artisans de la Transition is to be a think and do tank based on the best academic knowledge and experience in the field. The association gathers and filters experience and information, reflects on the most pertinent ways to work toward the transition, and seeks to understand what determines people’s capacity to act to attain this goal; it also initiates, accompanies and follows up on the pioneering projects it thinks have the highest priority.


The idea is to simultaneously eliminate everything that closes the doors to the future—fossil fuels and nuclear energy in particular—and encourage everything that reopens those doors. The association favours low-tech solutions, and catalyses citizens’ movements that bring the most inventive ideas from lower layers of civil society to the attention of the most committed institutional elements. Governance is considered important at all levels: individual, household, (eco)neighbourhood, company, public institution, community of interest or geographical community, (eco)village, town, city, department, district, region, State.

In planning their action, Artisans de la Transition takes the weaknesses and strengths of human cognitive functions and psychology into account, cooperates with other groups and institutions—including those whose explicit purpose is not the resolution of environment and climate issues, and defines the transition in cultural and spiritual terms to give it meaning for the majority. The association is active in Switzerland, French-speaking areas of Europe and beyond.

Related programmes

Modes of action

  • media actions: pamphlet, opinion paper, campaign
  • diffusion of best pratices creation of labels
  • training
  • networking of actors
  • advocacy, lobbying, influence strategy
  • expertise
  • books, reviews publishing
  • legal and citizen watch, diffusion of information

Target audience

  • economic players
  • activists, campaigners
  • associations
  • public authorities, elected representatives, administrations
  • banking, finance
  • local authorities
  • general public
  • medias, journalists
  • politicians, political parties
  • organised civil society
  • think tanks
  • academics
  • economists, SEE actors
  • students

Thematic areas

  • economy
  • Climate energy
  • environment
  • tools & methods
  • information