Observatoire Politique de l’Amérique latine et des Caraïbes (OPALC)

Identity card

The Political Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean (OPALC) is part of the Sciences Po institute and CERI (Centre of International Studies and Research). It focuses on Latin America and the Caribbean and is based in France. OPALC brings together teachers, researchers and students from Sciences Po and partner institutions to carry out studies on various themes and report on political realities in Latin America and the Caribbean. Research produced by its members is made available to the public in the form of documents that combine analyses and comments on current events, to provide keys to understanding Latin America.


Since its origin, the objective pursued by Sciences Po has been to transmit knowledge using a multidisciplinary, international approach focused on action and taking responsibility.

OPALC is a project with scientific, documentary and educational goals that focuses on current events in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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Modes of action

  • expertise
  • training
  • books, reviews publishing
  • development of teaching material
  • research, analysis

Target audience

  • students
  • researchers, scientists

Thematic areas

  • governance
  • citizenship
  • education
  • democracy