Presentation of the Programme

Civil movements benefit from the unpaid work of their members. This is their main asset. Their weak point is often their administrative fragility and a volatility of experience that sometimes leads to institutional amnesia, and the same work being unnecessarily repeated. The causes for this are a lack of structured information, difficulties in the transmission of such information, and a lack of training for new members. By relying on a few organisations or through direct action, the FPH intends to facilitate cooperation, create networks, and structure proposals while avoiding the proliferation of identical pieces of work. In addition, in the digital field, the FPH is committed to the strong promotion of free software and its adoption by civil society stakeholders.

Sub-Programmes and Partners Supported

1. Thematic Series and Essays

2. Hosting of Bergerie and Dickens Seminars

3. IT Support and Audit to Strengthen Organisational Capacities

4. Setting up Networks with Other Foundations