Documentary resources

Above and beyond publications such as annual reports and brochures, the Foundation ‘communicates’ primarily through its partners’ actions, so we pay close attention to how the actors and networks that we support are presented (see the ‘Our partners’ section).


Flyers and Presentations

FPH presentation (fr)
FPH presentation (en)
FPH slide presentation (fr)
FPH slide presentation (en)

Activity reports:

French version only

2016 Annual Report
2015 Annual Report
2014 Annual Report
2012-13 Annual Report
2012-13 Annual Report

Resources on the history of the FPH

Log-book 1982-2009
Fondation en Chemin N°1
Fondation en Chemin N°2
Fondation en Chemin N°3
Fondation en Chemin N°4
Fondation en Chemin N°5
Fondation en Chemin N°6

Ecological transformation of the FPH building in Paris

Architecte : Pierre Truong
Brochure : La FPH fait peau neuve
Présentation vidéo :

Crédits vidéo : Fabrice Jonckheere

Energy efficiency programme in the Blancherie property in Lausanne

Diviser les consommations par 4

Blancherie renovation