Programme : Responsibility & Ethics

Today we are seeing a clear retreat of universalism and the idea that humanity is on a path to unity and progress through emancipation. Loss of a common core of values, the impudence of some economic and political leaders and a weakening of the intermediate instances required for socialisation have led to the emergence of a number of cynical and dominating personalities, organisations, structures and ideologies. In this context, calling on States to recognise and protect civil and social rights is no longer enough. Globalisation requires that the law evolve, and that binding, transnational rules and principles—applicable to all, including those in power—be adopted. Given what is at stake, the various socio-professional categories cannot simply call on everyone to respect the existing legal framework—this is no longer enough. They must play a proactive role—each category in proportion to its power—in redefining the extent of their social and/or professional responsibility and place in the institutions and frameworks that confer responsibility on them.

FPH supports socio-professional networks that agree to address the evolution of their responsibility and ethics with regard to new challenges, and it strives to promote these networks in their fields.

FPH also supports actors in the legal field who, through their action, define new frameworks for responsibility. Finally, the foundation contributes to work on issues of responsibility and law in the context of globalisation, and to diffusing the results of such efforts.