Grant-making policy

FPH provides long-term structural support for civil society organisations that suggest viable alternatives and address the themes of its programmes:

  • the issue of lifestyles and socio-economic organisation in a post-consumerist world:
    Programme: Transition to sustainable societies;
  • the issue of regional cooperation in a multi-polar world, and the need for legitimate governance so populations will support authorities:
    Programme: Legitimate governance and regional cooperation;
  • the issue of actors’ responsibility, of adopting rules and principles that apply to everyone, and the evolution of law:
    Programme: Responsibility and ethics;
  • the issue of how to diffuse and structure information to support societal change:
    Programme: Methods and tools for diffusing information that support the transition.

More specifically, the Foundation supports:

  • connecting actors with alternative solutions—and their capacity to coordinate—in a network, whether such actors are part of traditional structures or not;
  • developing joint analyses and proposals so we can change scale and produce expertise;
  • diffusion of alternative solutions (through experience-sharing, advocacy, campaigns, publications, etc.) to spread best practices, propose good public policies and trigger a change of scale.