Presentation of the Programme

The 1990s had built up hope in a definitive victory of democratic principles and of openness on the global level. Regional integration processes proliferated, but they were limited to free trade. The absence of political integration made it difficult to deal with the numerous crises that arose on a socio-economic, ecological and political level.

The international community is now at a crossroads. If competition and increased inequality come out on top, there will be a trend towards ever more security-focussed or even authoritarian policies, and a strengthening of national identity and conflictuality.
In contrast, a new internationalism, increased solidarity and cooperation within a social and federalist framework would promote peace, deepen democracy and internationalise the policies for justice and social progress that are compatible with the environmental challenge we are facing.

Sub-Programmes and Partners Supported

1. Governance and Regional Integration

2. For a Humane, Responsible and Sustainable European Asylum and Migration Policy

3. Militaries and Peace-Building