Programme: Governance & regional cooperation

The globalisation of economic exchanges has made the various regions of the world interdependent, but has not led to pacified relations on the world stage. In the absence of active forms of cooperation—in the areas of peace, the economy and the environment—a dangerously unstable balance of power has arisen, and the new status quo is fraught with tensions and threats.
The foundation firmly believes in the need for renewed international cooperation and is committed to supporting civil society’s participation in a number of regional integration processes and inter-State cooperative efforts.

FPH strives to connect actors who are committed to constructing these regional forms of cooperation. It does so in keeping with governance practices that respect human rights and are democratic, participative and decentralised—and thus guarantee the legitimacy and efficiency of regional endeavours.

FPH also supports actors engaged in discussions and long-term prospective studies on the contours of legitimate governance.