Programme: Methods and tools for diffusion in service of the transition

When it comes to systemic change, ideas are also an important battlefield. In these times of round-the-clock information, social networks and fake news, and in a world increasingly dominated by internet giants, those with alternative solutions must find—and sometimes redesign—resources and channels to make themselves and their ideas more widely known, and thus gain influence. What these actors must do is structure the information, explain it, make it understandable, place it within a coherent and convincing vision, and put the various media to work for them. Finally, it is important to make civil society aware of the political importance of tools, and to encourage the use of freeware.

FPH supports actors who develop or propose tools, resources and channels for structuring and diffusing information—books, sites, etc

and also meeting places, networks of foundations,

to “win the battle of ideas” and trigger a cultural shift.